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Sophie Ashton has been my skin therapist for the past 8 years. Her professionalism and passion for skin treatment and care is second to none. Sophie has been my sole practitioner as her therapies work and are non-evasive and natural. The pigmentation I had after pregnancy on my forehead has faded completely and my smile and brow lines have been softened (after just 2 sessions) by the use of a new Europena light treatment. Sophie is highly regarded in her industry and works hard to bring the latest technologies and products to her clients. At Skin Intuition, Sophie will give you amazing results that are both immediate and long term - and your treatment will always be individually tailored to the particular needs and ever changing properties of your skin. I trust Sophie completely with the ongoing care and maintenance of my skin.

I’ve been seeing Sophie for many years, and can honestly say she is the reason my skin is in such great condition. Now in my 40’s, Sophie has worked her magic and I am often asked if I’ve had something “done”. My skin looks fresh, and I regularly get compliments on my skin. Sophie is incredibly knowledgeable, and one of the things I love about her professionally is that she is always keeping up to date with the latest research; she doesn’t just stick with what she knows. She is a passionate professional, and she gets incredible results. Personally, Sophie is warm and engaging: I can’t recommend her highly enough.

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