Medical Formulations imports the &inter. Forte and the &inlet-el-Fans from Germany.

Br. Krystyna Komender-Spira is the heart a. soul of SKIN JET® GmbH in Germany.

A world authority in the areas of cosmetic, SPA/wellness, anti-ageing, aesthetic medicine, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, orthopaedics, general medicine and more. Br Komender-Spira has led SKIN JET. GmbH at Me forefront of anti-ageing technologies. The anti ageing strategy she developed is unique and grounded by Nature, Biological Laws (Light, Sou., Energy).

The Technology:


The Treatments:

Face, Neck & Decolletage:

♦ Reduces Itne lines

♦ Tones

♦ Treats impure skin

♦ Increases blood circulation

♦ Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin

Three Technologies In One Device:

♦ Hydra”Dermabrasione®

♦ Micro”Pulsation

(Vacuum + Pulsation + Lymph Massage)

♦ Us -Mag & Mesoquantum (Patened)

The Treatments:

Treatments For Face, Neck & Pecolletage)


♦ Reduces #ne lines

♦ Tones

♦ Treats impure skin

♦ Increases blood circulation

♦ Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin

Micro-Pulsation (Vacuum + Pulsation + Lymph Massage):

♦ Stimulates the lymphatic system

♦ Detoxi#cation of the skin

♦ Enhance vascular system and improve blood flow

♦ Enhance muscle relaxation through gentle massage

Us- Meg & Mesoquantum (Patented) :

♦ Reduces tine lines

♦ Tones

♦ Treats Impure skin

♦ Increases blood circulation

♦ Stimulates. production of collagen and elastin

♦ Improve oxygen absorption and cell renewal

Enhancing The Skins Natural Desquamatian Process:

The Skin Jet® enhances the skins natural desquamation process by using hygienic disposable tablets which work in conjunction with water and a vacuum to gently and electively remove the stratum corneum. The removal of these dead skin cells allow the skin to be more receptive to topically applied active ingredients leaving your skin looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

♦ No chemicals used
♦ Enhances natural process
♦ Hygienic
♦ Low cost economical treatment

Dispauble Discs:

The Skin jet® hydra-dermabrasion uses disposable discs. The four grades of disposable discs allow you to choose°. corr. disc for your die. skin type. The disposable discs are hygienic, inexpensive a. there is no mess,

Hygienic Bottles:

During the hydradermabrasion process distilled water is extracted from one bottle and the dead skin cells are Men collected in a second bottle which is easily emptied and cleaned.


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